Dream Zone by Dominic Beeton

Dream Zone by Dominic Beeton

Put this music on and be transported to other worlds. I have given this album to reiki healers, reflexologists, yoga practioners and spiritual healers and they have said that their clients have been put into a deep state of relaxation. Equally, I know that people have put this album on when they were feeling down, blue, depressed, wrung out and they have reported magical healing properties. Most of the album was channeled and so is divinely created from the most powerful sources. We all need that tranquil calming music which sets the stage for deep relaxation, meditation and contemplation. There is nothing to challenge that state of inner calm. Each track flows seamlessly into the next giving total healing and complete inner calm. Best played at low volumes with no distractions and with a clear mind. I look forward to hearing tales of the journeys this music is going to take you on. Light and love.

Click here to download and preview tracks from the album.  The album is also available from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer and many other digital platforms.

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