Guided Meditation Abundance

Guided Meditation Abundance:

This is a guided meditation to help you bring abundance into your life.  Abundance, by which I mean large amounts of material financial wealth is available to us all by using the power of intention.  This guided meditation helps you harness this incredible power.  It tackles negative feelings we might have about money and then gives you powerful techniques for bringing abundance into your life.

Guided Meditation Abundance:
The Video

Guided Meditation Abundance:
The Music

The music to this guided meditation was specially composed by Dominic Beeton.  Similar meditation music can be found on the meditation music page

Guided Meditation Abundance:
The Script

Guided Meditation for Abundance

First of all we are going to start by taking seem really deep breaths from our diaphragm so focus your attention on your diaphragm and gradually and steadily inflate your lungs by inhaling through your nose and feel your stomach rising as the lungs fill with air and keep inhaling until you can inhale no more and then just hold that breath for a couple of seconds and then slowly ever so slowly let the air escape out your half open mouth until every last drop of stale air has been exhaled.  Repeat this 4 times keeping the pace steady and slow and putting all of your concentration and focus on the physical act of breathing.  

Now we are feeling relaxed and we are going to keep the deep breaths going but we are going to focus on our current attitudes to money.  Let’s just focus for a second on how we view money.  Do we think of it in terms of filthy lucre, dirty cash or other negative connotations?  Were you taught that people who are rich are evil, lazy, corrupt, and trod on peoples’ faces to get to the top, enjoying their ill-gotten gains?  The myths are endless and are usually the result of envy and jealousy.  So let’s clear out these negative connotations with a strong affirmation.  I celebrate those who are rich and hope that their lives are happy and fulfilled.  

Money is merely the exchange of value for reward.  Money is not in itself evil.  It is what people do with it or not do with it that is problem.  So let’s take a really deep breath and say as we slowly breathe out, “I release all negative connotations and emotions I may hold in relation to money.  Money is just a reflection of value so the more value I add to the world, the more money will flow into my life.”

We must understand that money is about rewarding value.  So if we give more in the jobs we are in currently, we will be rewarded with more money and if they don’t reward after you have consistently and reliably given above and beyond what is expected from you, then it is time to move on, find somewhere where that extra effort and value is rewarded properly.  

Now let us go back to the deep slow breathing, breathing deep from the diaphragm and filling out lungs slowly and then slowly ever so slowly releasing any negative thoughts or feelings about money.  As we inhale the deep slow breath through our noses say to yourself, I embrace abundance by which I mean large amounts of material financial wealth and on the out breath, we say I release any resistance to abudance. I release any resistance to wealth pouring into my life so that I can help my family, so that I can help my parents, my brothers, my sisters, my friends, my partner.  With money I can choose which causes to help and make massive changes and differences to their work.  I can help my charity of choice.  All this from bringing in this feeling of abundance.

We know that as human beings we have free choice.  We can bring into our lives happiness, joy, love and abundance.  It is there for every human being to tap into the unlimited benevolence of the universe.  We can tap into this limitless abundance at any time.  The universe is without limits, without boundaries.  There is no scarcity where the universe is concerned.  Just unlimited love, unlimited joy and unlimited abundance.  So we are tapping into that unlimited abundance and exercising the power of intention to create that abundance in our lives.

We underdstand and know that whatever we give attention to, we get more of.  So if we give attention to our debts, we get more debts.  If we give attention to abundance and call this into our lives, in flows abundance and often in unexpected ways.  As soon as we start worrying about how to pay the bills and how to clear the debts, more bills and more debts. As soon as we shift our mindset to thinking about the life we want to lead, synchronicity kicks in and the universe sets about creating the dreams in our head.

So we are going to think now of exactly what we want in our lives and think big not small.  The universe can manifest a mountain just as easily as it can manifest a small coin. So think big, dream big and the universe will swing into action.

Everytime you introduce doubt or disbelief, you push the gifts that are flying towards you away and eventually if the thoughts focus on the negative for long enough, the direction changes and we suddenly start attracting the negative things in life,  ill health, debts, stress.  It all comes flooding in.  

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