Guided meditation Aligning with Source  

Guided meditation Aligning with Source: 

This guided meditation is to help you to first of all align with source energy so that source energy flows freely through you without impedance or resistance.  It then goes on to ground yourself so that when you meditate you feel a strong connection with the earth or Mother Earth or Gaia as the earth spirit is called.  Hopefully, you will feel deeply connected and grounded after this meditation.

Guided meditation Aligning with Source:
Why do we need to?

When we align with source, we feel connected with universal energy.  We feel invigorated, renewed, cleansed, healed.  It is a truly inspiring experience and one which everyone should understand and enjoy. Source energy is energy from the creator of the universe, that from which all things begin.   When we are out of alignment with source energy, we feel and experience dis-ease. So it is vital we connect and align ourselves.  Dr Wayne Dyer explains further in this interesting article.

Guided Meditation Aligning Yourself with Source:
The script

I set out below the full script of the above guided meditation. Please feel free to use this for meditation or healing groups.  If you want suitable meditation music to go with it, have a look at Dominic Beeton's albums The Dream Zone and Chakra Suite links to which can be found on the meditation music page

Aligning Yourself with Source and Grounding

 In this meditation we are going to learn again about breathing and the importance of breathing as the basis of meditation and we are going to learn about grounding ourselves and aligning ourselves with source energy. 

So let us start and make sure we are sitting comfortably with our feet firmly placed on the ground, our hands either on our laps or loosely folded in front of us but comfortable and relaxed. The room should be warm.  There should be no chance of interruption.  Electronic devices should be turned off so that nothing intrudes upon the peace and quiet of our meditation.  

We are now going to begin by breathing deep breaths coming through our crown chakra.  That white or violet energy is entering our bodies and filling every cell of our bodies. We feel that radiating source energy entering ourselves, aligning ourselves. 

Imagine a line drawn in a perpendicular right down our bodies.  Imagine a cross bar running through our hearts.  That is the alignment we wish to achieve and with each breath we become more perfectly aligned to that source energy.  The energy from which everything begins. The alpha the omega.  The energy which connects us all.  In comes that beautiful source energy.  Radiating and shining in luminescence and glowing within us. Invigorating. Healing.  Source energy represents abundance, it represents perfect health, it represents creativity . That energy comes from the creator and enables us to create.   Whether it be art or music, photography or just love in the service that we give to others. We may create a perfect piece of work which we are proud of.  We are all creators. And when we do it in the name of source energy, it is an act of worship. 

On the exhalation of breath, we are releasing tension. We are releasing stress.  We are releasing every type of negative emotion:  fear, worry, anxiety, financial worries, relationship worries.  We are releasing all of those worries.  We inhale and bring in the source energy into our bodies. We exhale and release.  We release all of that negative energy. 

Now we are going to focus on grounding ourselves.   We imagine our feet.  Our feet are firmly on the ground and we imagine that coming out of our feet are roots that go deep down into the earth. Down, down through the earth past rocks crystals fissures and cracks.  Deep, deep into the earth until we reach the beating heart of the planet.  The core.  We are completely grounded completely connected to Mother Earth to Gaia, the earth spirit. 

We now feel the source energy coming into our body with each breath and with each exhalation we are releasing resistance. Resistance to healing, resistance to creativity, resistance to abundance.  With each exhalation of breath, we release and we release any resistance. 

We feel balanced we feel aligned and each inhalation of breath we take from source energy, it aligns us more perfectly

We are now going to bring ourselves back into our bodies and we are going to retain that serenity that peace and quiet through our day and our night that serenity will stay with us, that calmness, that sense of purpose, that connection with source will remain with us throughout the day and night until we meditate again. 

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