Guided Meditation Anxiety

Guided Meditation Anxiety:

According to the Mental Health Foundation, anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental health problems in the UK and elsewhere.

This is a guided meditation for those suffering from acute anxiety.  Do you have anxiety attacks?  Do you find that there is constant background anxiousness which you simply cannot shift?  Does this anxiety manifest itself in nervous habits or twitches?  Then this is the video for you.  Relax and enjoy the introductory breathing exercises which are at the core of all meditations and then examine the anxiety and follow this into the beautiful guided visualisation of floating down a lazy river.  I do hope it helps you.  If it does let us know by using the feedback form at the bottom of this page or share via Facebook

Guided Meditation Anxiety:
The Video

Guided Meditation Anxiety:
The music

The music for this guided meditation anxiety video was specially composed by Dominic Beeton but you can listen to and download similar music by looking at our Meditation Music page here

Guided Meditation Anxiety:
The Script

Guided Meditation for anxiety

Let us get ourselves into a comfortable sitting position with straight backs. First of all we are going to begin by taking some really deep breaths starting the breath from the bottom of our lungs from our diaphragms. The breath is going to be slow and we are going to feel our stomach rising as we gradually fill our lungs and then gently fall again as we continue to fill our upper lungs. When we can inhale no more hold for a few seconds and feel the peace and serenity in that moment. Then we are going to gradually let the air escape from our mouth and slowly ever so slowly and as we release the air  say the word "release"in your mind or out loud if you want and think of what that word means. Release worry. Release tension. Now inhale again deeply from the bottom of your lung, your diaphragm and this time as you inhale imagine you are bringing in to your body through the crown of your head white luminescent source energy, The energy that comes from source, the creator of everything we see in this universe and as we exhale release. Release tension. Now repeat these deep inhalations of breath and slow exhalations of breath and on the inward breath we think source energy flooding in illuminating us with source energy and on the out breath release anxiety, release worry, release fear. Keep repeating this. Know that source energy is life enhancing, invigorating, renewing, rejuvenating. Then feel the bliss of letting go on the out breath. Letting go of all those nagging thoughts which keep cycling around our brains and as we slow are breathing process down we are finding that our heart beat is also slowing down. Our stress levels are decreasing and we can feel the gentle steady rhythm of the in and out breaths.

Now it is perfectly natural and normal for the thoughts, worries and problems that are dominating our waking thoughts to come flooding back in. When this happens and happen it will, let us observe those thoughts and put a label on them. Are! Here comes our debt worry again. Here it is and there it goes again. So we have brought our focus back to the deep breathing imagining white source energy filling every cell in our body on the in breath and on the out breath we are letting go of that debt worry. It is released. It is floating away. In comes our job promotion worry or our dead end job worry or whatever is the current recurring anxiety. So give it a label for example there is our job promotion worry or here is our job error worry) and then bring in the healing White luminescent source energy and with the out breath we release this worry and let it float away gently like a light fluffy cloud or a large leaf floating away down the river.

Keep repeating this process again and again until every recurring worry stress or anxiety has been released and when there are no more anxieties to release, let us look and examine what happens in our body when we feel anxious. Do we have a nervous twitch? Do we bite our fingernails, play with our hair? What do we do? Now recognise that this habit is a byproduct of our anxiety and so we are going to replace it with another action. It could be that we put our forefinger and thumb together in both hands and we think of the word "release!" Do that action now and say out loud the word "release" so we are going to think and feel the word "release" next time we are tempted to do our nervous habit.

In addition when we feel that anxiety rising and the thoughts and worries flooding in, we are going to put our four fingers and thumbs together and take deep breath's in and slow releasing breaths out and keep that deep breathing going with our eyes half shut and keep slowing things down until those anxious thoughts disappear.

Let us now imagine we are floating down a slow lazy river in a rowing boat which is gently flowing with the rhythms of the water. It does not require steering. the boat is just gently drifting aimlessly in the flow of the water. We are lying on our backs as the rowing boat floats and we can feel the warmth of the sun. We can see the clouds gently scudding across the blue sky and there is a sense of time slowing down. There is a sense of carefree summer days. No pressing place to be. No commitments. No time pressures. Nothing to feel guilty about. We are supposed to be here just staring up at the sky with no concerns. No worries. And we do not want this to stop. We want it to continue forever. Just floating. No place to be. Time slowed down. No responsibilities. No money worries. No health worries. No worries at all. Just nothing. We sense that life is constant change but it isn't changing. Just is. Just the passing of time. This sense of both/and  rather then either/or sits easily with us as we sale gently down the river, the water quietly lapping against the boat. The willow tree is with their branches dipping into the water on either side of us. The birds singing to each other and the occasional buzz of an insect. The constant rays of the afternoon sun beating down warming our skin, our hair. We feel still, calm and at peace and as we gently breathe in and exhale out we are increasing this sense of calm. This serenity. All is well. All is good. Everything is as it should be. We are in exactly the right place. Exactly where the universe intended us to be. All our worries have floated away. Our anxieties are in abeyance. And when we feel those anxieties flooding back, we take a deep breath and we put our forefinger and thumb together and before we know it our anxieties have floated away again. We are now calm. We are serene. We are peace and we are going to carry this feeling into our days and nights as we gently let go.

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