Guided Meditation for Body Confidence

Guided Meditation for Body Confidence: Introduction

In this guided meditation for body confidence you will start with a beautiful relaxed breathing exercise and then this leads into an examination of your preconceptions and ideas of what is beauty.  The meditation will aim to fill you with confidence about your body as it is now and give you the inspiration and confidence to be happy with what you are.  We are all the same deep down and we are all connected. We all emanate from the same source and all end up at the same destination so let us live with what we have been given and accept what we are, a beautiful image of the creator.  Do share your views and comments on this guided meditation below.  Let's get talking about this.  Did this help?  Was it inspiring?

Guided meditation for body confidence:
The Video

Guided meditation for body confidence:
The Music

The music for this guided meditation was specially composed by Dominic Beeton.  If you like this music you can check out more of his music on our meditation music page 

Guided meditation for body confidence:
The Script

We set out below the full script of this guided meditation.  Feel free to use this in your own guided meditation groups or for individual use.   

Meditation for body confidence

 Let us sit comfortably either in a chair with our hands face down on our laps or on a meditation cushion in the lotus, half lotus or Burmese sitting position (for which see the how to meditate video on that page on the website). Make sure you are not going to be disturbed for the next 15 minutes. If you like to do so then light a candle and / or an incense stick. Just to create a relaxed atmosphere, let us take some really deep breaths from our diaphragms slowly inflating our lungs starting from the bottom and feeling our stomachs rising slowly and then as we draw extra air into our upper lungs we notice our stomachs fall ever so slightly and then we hold the breath for a few seconds and just feel the space and calm before we slowly let the breath escape from our lungs through our mouths. Do this slow inhalation and slow exhalation with your eyes closed or half closed another three or four times. Strong deep breaths in slowly filling your lungs and then pause, wait for a few seconds and then slowly release the breath.

Now as you inhale I want you to imagine that coming in from the crown of your head is a luminescent white energy source filling every cell of your body with white shining energy. This is the energy which comes from source and it fills us with healing strength and power as we exhale. I want you to think of the word "release". Say the word and really believe and experience what that word means.  "Release". So once again inhale and bring in that white shining source energy through the crowns of your head, your crown chakra as it is called and let the source energy fill every cell of your body and then radiate leaving a sparkling and shining and glowing with this energy source. This is the energy which comes from the creator of the universe and it is supremely powerful. It heals us. It rejuvenates us. It inspires us and on the out breath let go of any negative feelings. Let go of self-loathing. Let go of self-hatred. We are all perfect. We have to be as we are from the same source. The same core material. We are all connected. The only thing that is different is our external appearance. Inside at a soul level we are all the same. All connected to the same source. The same creator. If we despise or hate another human being, we hate ourselves. If we see weakness or evil in another this is a path we could have taken or may have taken in a previous life. So let us start trying to see the beauty which exists in others in every single individual. God knows, this can be a challenging world. So let us help each other rather than criticising others or despising others.

Now let us go back to the deep breaths taken from the diaphragm gradually filling our lungs with clean fresh air. Feel your stomach rising and when you can inhale no more calls and hold the breath and feel the glorious space that exists between breaths and then slowly, ever so slowly let your breath escape as you quietly and gently release your breath.

 Now we are going to examine all of the insulting hideous comments we might have said about our bodies. Comments so insulting that if you said them about another person you would be arrested for abusive behaviour. How can it be right to say such things about yourself? The brain has feelings and takes the sleights to heart. We are programming our subconscious "you are fat" "you are a big heifer” “You are ugly" the insults are never ending as we stare at ourselves in the mirror. It is time to stop this abuse, this barrage of negative comments. You are neither too fat, too thin, too tall, too short. You just are. You are you. A unique miracle created in the image of our creator. Would the creator create anything less than perfection? Do you think the creator wants us to be unhappy in our skins? Wants us to be miserable every time we look in the mirror? What kind of private hell is that? No, we are fine just fine as we are. If we want to lose weight or get fit that's fine. We all have free choice. If that is a conscious rational balanced life choice then that is fine but so many people live their whole lives lurching from one faddish diet to the next all because of an emaciated ideal peddled by the media and Hollywood. Who are these arbiters of fashion that dictate what we should look like and consign millions of people to a life of inadequacy feeling they need to change being bullied in the playground in the work place just because you don't look like some malnourished pop star with nothing but air between their ears. Is this civilisation? Is this how advanced we have evolved as a species? We could learn a few things from our animal brethren who do not share these paranoias and inadequacies. We can all recognise that in moderation we can have a few treats a bit of chocolate a bit of wine whatever takes your fancy. We would all like to live as long as possible. We can appreciate that eating fresh fruit and vegetables grown without pesticides and chemicals and making our diets as balanced as possible makes good sense and can lead to longer lives but the crucial thing to appreciate is we all have different body types, different skeletons, different features. The variety is virtually endless. Let us rejoice in our diversity, our variety, our size, shape. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Someone in this world thinks you are the most beautiful person in the world. We must stop measuring beauty by external appearance. We must measure by whether someone has a beautiful heart, a beautiful soul, a beautiful spirit, a beautiful nature. Looks are the first thing to fade. After that what are you left with? Are you going to chase your youth with Botox or surgery or are you going to grow into maturity with style, with character, with panache, with wisdom, with class, with experience? Yes, you are all beautiful. All stunning unique creations and our creator is proud of every single one of you bar none exactly as you are now. Not how you will be in 12 months after you've run that marathon. Not after this amazing diet after you've lost three stone. Not after you've had that tummy tuck and had those bags eradicated but now. Yes right at this very minute. So say to yourself now "I am unique. I am beautiful. I am perfect. I am a fabulous person. I am a divine creation of infinite perfection. I am perfect as I am now. I have no need to change. I am happy with how I look now. If I choose to change that is me exercising my free will not being pressurised to do so by society or the media. I am perfection”.


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