Guided Meditation for a Broken Heart

Guided Meditation for a Broken Heart: Introduction

This is a guided meditation for those who have broken heart having recently broken up with a loved one or former loved one.  It begins with a relaxing deep breathing exercise which relaxes you and sets the scene for the guided meditation to follow.  It then explores the pain caused by the breakup and works on healing this pain.  It progresses to a look back at the best times of that relationship.  It then moves forward to build confidence and self-esteem and move forward from the present moment.  We do hope it helps but please share any comments, reactions in the comments section below.

Guided Meditation for a Broken Heart:
The Video

Guided Meditation for a Broken Heart:
The Music

The music was specially composed for the guided meditation video by Dominic Beeton.  The intention when this music was composed was that there would be deep healing.  If you like this music follow the link here to the meditation music page on this web site where you can preview and follow links to download this music.

Guided Meditation for a Broken Heart:
The Script

Guided Meditation for a Broken Heart

 We are going to start by making sure we are sitting comfortably in a warm comfortable environment where we are not going to be disturbed for 15 minutes.  Turn your phone off and any other distractions and if you can dim the lights and light an incense stick or aromatic candle to create a relaxed atmosphere.   Sit upright on a chair or cross-legged on a cushion on the floor with your back supported.  Half shut your eyes and fix your focus in the middle distance.   Just listen to the music and take some really deep breaths starting the breath from your diaphragm below your lungs.  Inhale big lungfuls of fresh air through your nose until you can inhale no more than hold for a few seconds and then slowly ever so slowly let the air escape out of your mouth until every last drop has escaped and your lungs are truly and utterly empty and then pause for a few seconds before inhaling.  Repeat this deep breathing another 10 times until you really get the hang of it and can feel deep relaxation flooding over you.  

Now keep the deep breathing going focusing on the mechanical process of breathing and then allow into your consciousness (if it is not already there) the empty longing and pain of the person who is no longer in your life.  Do not be afraid to let that emotion come in to your body.  Let it flood in and fill every cell of your body.   What does this pain feel like?  Is it raw and does it wrack your whole body from head to toe with agonising pain.  Does it feel like a dull ache that centres around your heart and fills you with a deep longing and emptiness than seems to be unending? Does it feel like life will never be the same without your loved one in your life?  Does the pain of that detachment from this person feel as if you are no longer complete and cannot face life and all of its problems and hardships?  Can you isolate the area of your body where the pain of loss is greatest?   Can you focus on that pain and really step into the pain and let it fill every cell of your consciousness until the tears stream down your face.  Don’t worry if tears do not come.  Often it is the silliest thing which triggers the cathartic force of tears.  If you are able to cry, do so now and let the water flood from your tear ducts and flow in its cleansing tide sweeping the pain out of your system.  

Now after you have absorbed yourself in the pain and longing, try to alter the mood to focus on the best moments you had with the person you have lost.  Run the memories like an old camcorder back through your brain.  All the happy times, all the sad times, the times on holiday, eating out, going to concerts whatever you shared together.  Just let the memories run through your brain and let a smile spread on your lips.  No one can take those memories away.  They are real.  They are tangible.  Those were the happy times.  Remember the good aspects only. The laughter. The fun. The excitement.   Those memories will be there with you as long as you have the power to remember.  Precious. Golden.  Priceless.

Now take some more deep breaths inhaling from your diaphragm and bring white source energy in through the crown of your head.  Your crown chakra.  Feel that source energy like a white shining luminescent energy which fills every cell in your body and lights you up like a brilliant star.   This is the healing energy of source.  It heals every cell as you inhale.  Hold this healing energy in your heart, your heart which is broken.  Inhale deeply and feel that connection with source, with the universe with all living things.  Know that you are never alone.  So long as you can inhale source energy, you will be connected with all other living things in the universe.  You are always loved by source.  You are always perfect in the eyes of source.   There can be no imperfection as we are all created in the image of the creator.  The dreadful thing about a break up with a loved one or former loved one is that you can lose your self-esteem and confidence and feel unvalued and worthless.   It can be difficult to see beyond the pain and the sense of loss and heartbreak.  Heart break is a physical tangible sensation.  A dull ache in the heart which really drags you down.  So this is why we need to tap into source energy to replenish and heal our broken heart.   Set your intention firmly as you inhale that white luminescent source energy “I intend that the healing power of this source energy heal my broken heart.   I intend that I will be healed and the pain soothed and I will once again be able to face life and its trials and tribulations with vigour and confidence.  I am strong.  I am loved.  I will rise to my full powers.  I will make new relationships which will be better and more fulfilling.  I will make relationships where my virtues, abilities and characteristics.”

Now fill your lungs with that white source energy and feel your heart being healed with each breath.  Understand that the healing process is the same as mourning for a person.  Your mind is still filled with those memories and it takes a long time to heal but know that you will heal and the more you repeat this healing meditation, the sooner you will restore yourself to full balance and happiness.  You have a right to live a happy and fulfilled life.  You are a complete person in yourself and do not need any other person to be a complete person.  You are always loved by source.  The universe has its plans all laid out for you and this is part of your journey.  You can and will move forward on your journey and although it may seem to hard to contemplate now, there are many happy moments ahead for you.   We are defined by how we respond to the challenges given to us in our lives.  This is a supreme challenge.  We feel crushed and deflated but we know that with the help of source energy we can be healed and become whole again.  We can overcome this heartbreak.  We can rise up and look to the bright future.  We can heal ourselves and we can begin to enjoy life again.  We are never alone.  We can reach inside and can learn from this painful experience.  We can draw lessons which will make us stronger.  We can move forward with new horizons and new hope. We are alive. We are fighting this.  We are strong and we can rise again.  

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