Guided Meditation decision making

Guided Meditation decision making:

How often have you been faced with a major decision to make, a crucial turning point? You could just rely on your intuition but many don't trust this and would prefer a more positive steer on what decision to make.  

Fortunately, help is at hand.  You can ask your spirit guides, angels or ascended beings to help you make the decision.  They are waiting to help you.  You just need to ask.

This guided meditation aims to give you guidance and support in making this major decision and will hopefully leave you confident and assured that the right decision has been made.

Guided meditation: decision making:
The Script

Guided Meditation for Making a Decision 

This guided mediation is a meditation to help us make a decision.  We have reached a fork in the road and we need guidance, guidance from our spirit guides as to which route to take.   We have a dilemma, a puzzle and we need assistance.  It is perfectly right and proper to call upon the assistance of our spirit guides when we need direction in our lives. 

First of all we are going to start by breathing.  We are going to bring that white source energy in through the crown of our heads, through our crown chakra with a big deep breath which comes from our diaphragm and on the outward breath. We are going to release any tension fears, any stress, any fears any worries, any type of negative emotion is going to be released on the outward breath.   So on the “in” beautiful pure source energy, energy from the creator the creator of the universe and on the “out”, release.  Release.   

Now we are sitting comfortably with our hands on our laps, our feet firmly on the ground and we can imagine those roots going deep, deep into the earth grounding ourselves; those roots going down through  the earth through the rocks,  right into the core of the planet and we feel completely grounded. So through our heads we have this beautiful white source energy filling every cell of our being with white luminescent energy, reviving, restoring and as we exhale, we are releasing any sign of negative emotion. 

And we have wrapped around us our cloak of protection and we know that we are held in love light and protection at all times throughout this meditation. 

And now we push our energy up high.  It is our intention to communicate with the highest and most purest of spirits, our spirit guides.  Push that energy up; imagine it soaring out into the universe until it makes that connection.  You will recognise which spirit guide you have made the connection with. It might be a tingling sensation it might be a symbol an image and now we ask our spirit guide.  We have a decision to make. Dearest spirit guide thank you for speaking with us today.  Indicate by a knowing in my mind which route I should take.  Imagine before you that you have reached a fork.  The path has been straight and easy but now you see that the path divides and you are asking your spirit guide for guidance as to which path to take. You are held in the knowledge that you are always in the right place and that you are exactly where we are supposed to be and the universe knows exactly where we are should  to be going .  And so now we give ourselves up to assistance of our spirit guides and to the intention of the universe as to which route to take.  It now becomes clear to us which route we must take.  This feels right.  It comes from the deepest intuition, the deepest knowing that this is the right decision.  And now we feel right and we feel happy that this decision has been made, that the direction has been chosen and we now begin to walk that path.  There is light and happiness around us. We have made the decision. There is no looking back now.  This is the correct course. For better or for worse. We trust in the universe.  We trust in the assistance and the guidance provided by our spirit guides and now we continue on our way on our beautiful journey in this life we feel protected and loved at all times we feel secure a great load has been lifted. a decision has now been made. 

 And now we take a deep breath, release and bring ourselves back into our bodies.  We feel fully grounded, the cloak of protection remains around us protecting us at all times, we feel peaceful and calm and we know what we must do. 

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