Guided Meditation Finding Ideal Partner

Guided Meditation Finding Ideal Partner

This is a guided meditation to help you find your ideal partner. It starts with a deep breathing exercise which is at the core of all meditations and helps set  the scene and relax you for the meditation ahead. The guided meditation then examines past relationships and releases any negative hold they may have on you.  There is then a beautiful visualisation which will help you bring the ideal partner into your life.   We would love your comments on the effectiveness or otherwise of the guided meditation.  We thrive on your feedback.  We produce new guided meditations every week and most of these are in response to requests from individuals.  So please let us have your comments by clicking the Facebook or comments boxes below.

Guided Meditation Finding Ideal Partner: The Video

Guided Meditation Finding Ideal Partner: The Music

The music for this guided meditation was specially composed by Dominic Beeton.  It is written and designed with the intention of helping you to find the ideal partner.  If you like this music, you can preview or download similar pieces on our meditation music page

Guided Meditation Finding Ideal Partner: The Script

We set out below the full text of the guided meditation.  Please feel free to use this script for your own guided meditations either individually or for group sessions.  

Guided Meditation for finding the ideal partner

 Let us start by sitting in a comfortable position either on a meditation cushion with a straight back or on a straight backed chair with your hands face down or face up, eyes half shut fixed on a focus about 6 feet away.  Ensure that you are in a room where you will not be disturbed for the next 15 minutes so meditating early in the morning before others rise for the day is a great idea.  Make sure you are dressed comfortably in loose warm clothing.  Now let us start by taking some really deep breaths starting the breath from your diaphragm below your lungs and slowly filling your lungs up with clean fresh air and feeling your diaphragm pushing upwards as your lungs fill up with air.  Keep inhaling until you literally cannot inhale any more and then hold for a few seconds before slowly ever so slowly letting the air escape from your lungs.  Keep exhaling until every last drop of air is exhaled and you can exhale no more.  Now pause and count to 4, then begin the process again.  You will notice that the 2nd time you should be able to inhale more air than the first time and you should be to exhale for longer on the out breath.   Keep inhaling deeply and exhaling deeply extending the inhalations and exhalations each time stretching into this very slow deliberate breathing pattern.  If any extraneous thoughts come into your head whilst you are doing this breathing, gently imagine them being ushered away like you might shoo a cat or other domestic pet away and get your focus back to the breathing.  Count very deliberately to four every time you complete an inhalation or complete an exhalation.  It is in these spaces between breaths that the magic occurs.  Keep your mind clear and focused on the breathing and then after the breath the counting.

 Now let us focus on our past relationships in our lives.  What sort of partners have we attracted?  Have they been people who bring out the best in you?  Have they encouraged you to shine and be the best example of human being? Were they supportive and encouraging and helped you to achieve your goals?  If they were not, then what qualities did these partners have that appealed to you?  What lessons can you learn from these relationships?  Did you have a knack of attracting the wrong type of partner who was controlling, bullying or who belittled you or patronised you?  Did you feel that your virtues, skills and abilities were ignored or discouraged?  Did you end up fulfilling a role of servitude and compliance?  Can you see that that was not the best use of your precious time on this planet?  Can you see that it would be better to remain on your own and in control of your own destiny than with these controlling demeaning people?   So let us now with a deep breath release those ties and emotional strings that those old relationships still have over us and say the word release as we exhale slowly and as we inhale imagine we are inhaling white luminescent source energy in through the crowns of our head, through our crown chakras and this white source energy is filling every cell of our body and making us shine with sparkling white source energy.  Exhale again and release those negative emotional ties we have with our old relationships.  Slowly inhale and bring in that white source energy, the energy that comes from source from the creator of all living things in the universe, the beginning and the end.  That source energy filling our whole being is healing energy and is healing all of the scars and wounds from those past relationships.  Feel the healing taking place repairing your soul.  Exhale and release those past ties and bonds, release those bad memories and release those bad psychic links. As you inhale bring in that white source energy through your crown chakra and bring in potential and hope, bring in joy and love and bring in understanding and forgiveness and bring in deep healing. 

Now we are going to go back to the deep breathing from our diaphragm inhaling deeply and now we are going to focus on own self-image and self-worth.  How do we feel when we look in the mirror? Do we turn away in disgust?  Do we hate our bodies?  This is a problem because if we cannot love ourselves how can we get anyone else to love us.  So as we inhale say to yourself “I am perfect.  I was born perfect and I will die perfect.  I am God’s creation and God is proud of every single one of us without exception.  He rejoices in our diversity, our complexity, our variety, our individual differences and idiosyncrasies.  I am perfect just the way I am”.  Now inhale and feel that white source energy coming in through your crown chakra and as you inhale think I am perfect just the way I am.  It is very important that we do not try to be something we are not, to strive to be something we will never achieve.  We need to be happy in our own skins or we will never be attractive to another person.  We know that the perfect partner is out there somewhere and so we are going to ask the universe to set up the events that will enable us to meet our ideal partner but if we slip into negative patterns of thinking this will push the perfect person away from us.

 Now back to the breathing.  Take deep breaths from your diaphragm filling your lungs with clean fresh air and holding the breath for the count of 4 and then gently letting the air slowly leave your mouth till every last drop of air has left your lungs.  We know that we are in exactly the right moment and in the right place and that the universe knows exactly what is best for us. We have no need to worry.  We have no need to be concerned.  The perfect person is out there for us.  We do not need to worry.  We can just relax and know that everything happens for a reason. We can just focus on living in the moment mindfully.  We must appreciate the beauty of this planet.  Go out and see the plants, the flowers, the trees whatever the season and connect with their nurturing beauty.  Connect with life and nature and bring this enriching nourishing beauty into ourselves with deep breaths.  Imagine you are walking on a spring day down a beautiful country path with thick hedgerows on both sides. The birds are busy in their glorious song and it feels good to be alive.  The sky is a lustrous blue with thick cumulous clouds gently and lazily traversing the blue celestial dome.  The path meanders up to the edge of a cliff and you look out to sea which is flat calm like a mill pond.  The sun’s warmth beats down on you and you look at the far distant horizon.  You can see a small yacht a tiny pin prick on the horizon coming towards you.   This is your ideal partner coming nearer and nearer.  You have complete confidence that he or she will come nearer and nearer. All you have to do is just relax, put a warm smile on your lips and stop trying too hard.  It is just going to happen organically naturally.  All you have do is keep your mind open receptive and not push things away.  Say to yourself this affirmation in your mind or out loud.  I am perfect. I am a gorgeous creation of this universe and the perfect partner is out there for me.  I am happy.  I am complete. I do not need anyone else to make me a complete person.  I will only attract someone who will bring out the very best in me.  Someone who will fill my heart with joy.  Someone who is kind and will appreciate me for what I am.  If this takes time then so be it.  That is part of the universe’s plan.  I am strong.  I am complete.  I am perfect.  I cannot be anything other than perfect as I am created in the image of the creator.  My soul is beautiful.  I am reaching out to the universe to find that person as and when the moment is right. I thank the universe for guiding me and protecting me.  I stay open, calm, relaxed and receptive to the twists and turns that the path of life.  All is well.  All is calm.  All is good.

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