Guided Meditation Finding Life Purpose

Guided Meditation Finding Life Purpose

This is a guided meditation designed to help you find your life purpose.  You may be stuck in a dead-end job, you may be languishing in menial employment, you may be reasonably happy and paying the bills but feel that you have not properly fulfilled your potential.  This guided meditation starts with a relaxing breathing exercise and then moves into a visualisation which will help you to find what your true life purpose is.  It then guides you on how to make that dream a reality.  We all have a purpose in life.  We were all put on this planet to achieve certain goals and intentions.  Let this guided meditation help you realise those dreams and live a fulfilling and satisfying life.  

Guided Meditation Finding Life Purpose
The Video

Guided Meditation Finding Life Purpose
The Music

The music for this video was specially composed by Dominic Beeton. If you want to use the script below for your own guided meditation session, similar music can be found on the albums, Dream Zone, Binaural Bliss and Chakra Suite which can be found on the meditation music page of this site.

Guided Meditation Finding Life Purpose
The Script

Set out below is the full text of the guided meditation.  Feel free to use this script for your own group guided meditation.  

Guided Meditation for Finding Your Life Purpose

First of all we need to get into a comfortable position sitting upright and relaxed.  Do a quick scan of your body and find any tension or stress.  Quickly tense and relax that part of the body and move to any other part of the body which has pain or tension.  Tense and relax and then move to the breath.   Breathe deeply from your diaphragm filling your lungs with fresh clean air.  Inhale feeling your lungs rise as they fill up with air and then try to cram even more air into the lungs into you can inhale no longer then hold for a couple of seconds before gently letting the air escape from your mouth as you slowly ever so slowly exhale until every last drop of air is expelled from your lungs and then when every last drop is pushed out just pause for a few seconds before inhaling again from the diaphragm beneath your lungs.  This is the best and most beneficial type of breathing and the perfect precursor to a deep and meaningful meditation so just keep breathing for a few minutes until you feel everything calming down and you feel yourself falling into a deep state of relaxation.

 Now we are going to for a moment just imagine we are floating on a soft fluffy cloud and this cloud is gently sailing across the sky.  We have our arms outstretched and we just float along with the cloud as support.  The feeling of weightlessness is uplifting and we are enjoying this liberating sensation.  We move slowly through the sky with our fluffy cloud underneath us and we look up and around and see similar clouds floating at a similar speed to us.  It feels relaxing and we get the sense that we do not have a worry in the world.  Time is suspended in this environment and we are without stress or worry. We gradually sense that our cloud is descending gradually until it hovers over a beautiful mountain where we gently step off on to the top of the mountain.  We survey the magnificent vista and we marvel at the sheer grandeur, the majesty and the stunning beauty of the mountainscape.  Everywhere we look at vast snow-capped mountains with wispy clouds dotted around their rocky crags.  The mountain range continues as far as the eye can see and we feel a sense of peace and serenity mixed with awe and respect for nature.  We are just a speck in this vast mountainscape.  We begin to perceive our place in this beautiful universe.  We are connected with all living beings, we are connected with nature.  We are in the right place at the right time and we give our trust to the universe in relation to our future.  We trust that everything that has happened in our lives up to this point whether bad or good has happened for a reason and we trust that we will learn from what has gone but that is the past and now we stand on the threshold of the next chapter in our life.  We express our intention to the universe that we intend to find out what our life purpose is.  Why are we on this earth?  Why have the things that have happened in our lives to date happened and what links those events with this present moment?  We understand that we are always supported and guided by our spirit guides, our angels, loved ones who have passed into the next realm and we cannot make any mistake. 

We take some deep breaths in and slow long breaths out as we express the intention to obtain divine assistance in discovering our life purpose. 

 The starting point in discovering our life purpose is always to think what makes our soul soar, what makes our hearts leap for joy, what makes our pulse quicken, what puts a big fat grin our face?   What do we have a passion for doing? What would not be classified as work if we did it full time?  Examine your hobbies and pastimes.   We may love football, for example,  but realistically are never going to be a professional player but is there something connected with football which we could do which would mean we never ever again dreaded going to work and every day seemed like a holiday?  We may love painting but feel we could never make it as a professional artist.  Is that because we have not had the time to get really good at it?  Are we thinking we have to work in a dead end job to pay the bills, pay the mortgage, feed our loved ones and children?  Do we feel trapped and up to your eyes in debt and so the thought of pursuing our dreams is unthinkable?   So many people do not fulfil their potential or take advantage of their incredible talents because they have a heavy sense of responsibility and feel that it is just a pipe dream.   Look around you again at the majestic mountains in this mountainscape.  There is so much more to life than the endless drudgery of daily toil.  We were meant to lead remarkable lives. We were meant to fulfil our dreams.  We were meant to live with joy and love in our hearts not feel downtrodden, exploited and trapped. 

 So how do we go about changing our lives to achieve our life purpose?   Step by tiny step.  We set ourselves small goals each day.  Maybe just a few minutes a day but it is progress.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  So take those single steps each day, each week.  Set aside an hour a week to achieve that goal.  Start the momentum going.  Fight inertia. Fight resistance.  Fight those voices in your head and the cynics around you who say you can’t do it, you haven’t got what it takes, it is too difficult, you haven’t got the money to do it.  When you set yourself on a direction with all your heart behind, the universe opens doors and paves the way for you to succeed. Synchronicity kicks in and all of a sudden people pop up and help you, money magically appears to make it happen, strange coincidences start occurring and remarkable events start to unfold.  Keep the momentum going and before you know it that far off dream that seemed so unattainable is inching nearer and nearer and before you know it you are within sight of your goal. 

 Breath deeply now.  We are still standing at the top of our mountain but we are now filled with hope. We feel the enormous potential of our dreams.  We feel excited that we now realise what our life purpose is.  We didn’t dare dream that this love of ours could become our life and pay the bills but as we now take those small steps to move towards our goal, we realise this was what we born for, this was what the universe intended.   Everything has a harmony to it now.  Our world has become exciting again. 

 It may be that our new venture runs alongside our normal day jobs but it makes our heart soar.  It may not make us a fortune but we love doing it.  We feel alive and excited as we pursue our new venture.  This new venture may take us down avenues that we never even contemplated.  It may take us on journeys that we could never have imagined.  All is full of limitless opportunity and potential.  Our creator who created us and all of the universe is the ultimate creator and so when we create we are ourselves creators and this is why it feels so amazing when we create.  We were born to create whether it be a work of art, a flawless essay, a perfect legal document, a perfect drive down the fairway, an unstoppable goal in the top right corner of the net, a backflip that would have the judges giving it a straight ten, to ride the perfect wave, to bring joy into the lives of those less fortunate, to bring solace to a dying person with kind words and an act of kindness.  This is creation.  This beautiful planet is bursting full of potential and all it takes is our imagination to make this world burst with love and joy.  Use your talents. Use your imagination. Dare to dream really big.  Dare to reach for the stars.  Everything is possible. Nothing is unachievable once we have the mindset to succeed.  Look at those mountains, those clouds, that bright blue sky.  How wondrous this world is.  We are part of it. Linked in love with all other persons.  Let us achieve our life purpose and lead extraordinary lives. Let us reach out with love and kindness and make a difference with our wonderful gifts and talents.  Let us change  this world for the better.  We are love. We are creation.  We are intention.  We are one.

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