Guided Meditation for Beginners

Guided Meditation for Beginners: Introduction

When you are looking for guided meditation for beginners, it can be very daunting .  So I have created a simple introduction to guided meditation which focuses on developing the right breathing which is at the core of all meditations and which is fundamental to all meditation practices. 

Guided Meditation for Beginners: Script of Video

The full script of the Guided Meditation for Beginners is set out below:

Breathing Meditation

In this short meditation, we are going to learn the simple basics about breathing. Breathing is at the core of all meditations and is an essential base upon which we found all of our meditative exercises.  So it is very important that we learn how to breathe properly. 

Now, breathing needs to be calm, like the ebb and flow of the tides, the waves upon the beach, the gradual waxing and waning of the moon. It is a natural process.  We are in harmony with the patterns and the rhythms of the universe.  So let us now breathe deeply in and then gently out. We are not breathing from our throat or our lungs but from our diaphragm, deep and filling up your lungs and release.  

Now as we inhale, I would like you to imagine a pure white or silver energy coming into your body through the crown of your head what is known as the crown chakra. So each breath you inhale, you are allowing this white or silver energy to enter our body and fill us.  Every cell every single part of our body is glowing with the white luminescent energy.  This energy is the source.  The source of everything in this universe.  That from which everything emanates. The beginning and the end. The alpha and the omega.  That is what we are allowing into our bodies now.  Source energy.  Source energy is rejuvenating.  It renews. It envigours.  It is peaceful. It is healing. It is pure creation.  And as we release, our breath, we are releasing tension, we are releasing negative emotions, fears, worries sadness, remorse, all of those nagging financial worries, worries about relationships. We are releasing all of these on the exhalation of the breath.  And that release feels so good, so cleansing and so as we inhale we bring in that pure beautiful white luminescent energy into our bodies and as we exhale. Release.  Release those worries, those fears, those tensions, those stresses. Inhale. White source energy. Exhale. Release.  Release.  We have not a care in the world now.  We lay in perfect harmony with source energy with the universe. All is well. All is calm.    

Imagine each breath cleanses and heals and renews.  Each exhalation, we are releasing stress, tension and worry.  

Guided Meditation for Beginners: The Music

If you want to use the script above and use this meditation for guided meditation groups, the music and other similar suitable music is taken from the album The Dream Zone by Dominic Beeton. For further details see the meditation music page

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