Guided Meditation Positivity

Guided Meditation Positivity: Introduction

This is a beautiful guided meditation for positivity.  There are enormous benefits which you can bring into your life if you are in a positive frame of mind.  The whole universe will rise up to help those who stay positive.  It is very difficult to attract good things in your life if you are in a negative frame of mind and are thinking negative thoughts.  In fact, you can find yourself in a negative vortex spiralling downwards if you allow one negative thought to another.  So it is vital to be able to bring yourself back into a postive mindset and this is what this guided meditation aims to do.

The guided meditation begins with a deep breathing exercise aimed at relaxing you and getting you to focus on your breathing.  The meditation then leads you into a series of exercises which will give you strategies for one you need to bring yourself back into a positive mindset.

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Guided meditation for Positivity: The Video

Guided meditation for Positivity: The Music

The music for this guided meditation was specially composed and performed by Dominic Beeton.  If you would like more of this type of music, we suggest you have a listen to Dream Zone and Dream Zone 2 on our meditation music page

Guided meditation for Positivity: The Words

We set out below the full script of the guided meditation.  Please feel free to print it off and use it in your own guided meditations or for group meditations.  You can use it with music from Dream Zone or Dream Zone 2 as background music.  Please let us have your feedback and comments on your guided meditation session as we love to hear that it is helping people (or not as the case may be).

Guided meditation for positivity 

We are going to start by making sure we are not going to be disturbed in a quiet room preferably with the light dimmed to reduce distractions.  Light a candle and an incense stick to create the right atmosphere.  Dried white sage leaves are a great cleansing aroma to burn to clear any negative atmosphere left over in the room you are meditating in.  Sit with your back straight either on a mediation cushion, meditation stool or on a straight backed chair.  Half close your eyes and rest your hands on your lap either palms down or palms up.  Now starting with your diaphragm take the deepest of deep breaths filling your lungs until they can take no more air.  Hold this for a few seconds before slowly ever so slowly letting the air escape from your mouth and nose.  Keep letting the air escape until there is none left and then give an extra push to really empty your lungs and then pause for a few seconds before slowly ever so slowly beginning the process with those deep diaphragm centred breaths gradually filling your lungs until no air an be inhaled.   Continue this process for another 4 more breaths keeping the whole process slow and deliberate and feeling yourself relax and become more grounded as you keep inhaling and slowly exhaling.

 Imagine a white luminescent energy coming to your body through the crown of your head, your crown chakra.  This is source energy, the energy which comes from source.  Source from which all things emanate. The creator of the universe and every living being, plant, creature and soul.  As you bring in this white luminescent source energy with each deep diaphragm sourced breath imagine that it is reaching and flooding every cell in your body so that your body is gleaming and shining with this white luminescent energy.   This energy is pure positive energy.  Remember that positive energy is twice as powerful as negative energy so by inhaling this white luminescent energy you are purging any negativity from your system.  It simply cannot exist in your body as you gradually fill the body up with this white source energy.  Consciously, make the breaths even slower and longer and imagine the negative black energy being dissipated from your system.   

 Now let’s examine our mindset and try to assess how positive we are feeling on a scale from one to ten.  We are going to move that feeling wherever it is one notch up the scale on the positive side.  So if we are feeling a little flat and low, let’s move that up a notch to feeling indifferent and just calm.  If we are feeling depressed and suicidal, then let’s move it up one notch on the scale to feeling low and subdued.  If we are feeling moderately cheerful and with nothing to complain about, then let’s take it up one notch to feeling exuberant and joyful with not a care in the world.  It is not too difficult to manipulate your mood levels in this way by small increments.  This has the automatic effect of increasing your positivity.  We have tens of thousands of thoughts each day.  It would be impossible to try and control all of these individual thoughts but it would be much easier to control our mood and then the thoughts will follow the mood.  This is the way to enhance our levels of positivity. 

 Now let’s do another exercise which is always a good way of increasing our levels of positivity.   Let us just mentally start counting our blessings.   Let’s start with our health assuming we are healthy.  If we have children add them to our blessings (even though they may sometimes drive us to distraction!).  Let us thank the universe for our house, our warm bed with clean sheets, our clothes, our phones with all their wonderful functionality, the food on our plates, the lovely meals we have eaten, the wonderful holidays we have had, the books we have loved, the CD’s we own, the concerts we have enjoyed, the inventions that make our lives easier and labour-free, the country we live in which is hopefully safe, democratic and prosperous, the trees, the grass, the plants, the leaves around us, the friends we have, our parents, our sisters and brothers, our work colleagues, our friends we socialise with or play sport with, our mentors, our guides, our loved ones, our pets, our cars, our music systems, our cameras, the countries we have visited, the people we have met or are yet to meet, our looks, our bodies, our  There are so many things to be grateful for.  Now that we have mentally taken stock of our blessings, let us go back to the breathing.  Take some really deep breaths starting with the diaphragm.  Slow long deep breaths in and then slow long exhalations out until there is no air left.  Really feel the whole body relaxing.

 Now we are going to keep this positive feeling and take it with us throughout the day. Whenever we feel a negative emotion entering our minds, we are going to think back to the blessings in our life or transport ourselves away from the present to a beautiful place that is our dream location.  It might be a tropical sandy beach with gently swaying palm trees or it might be a wooden bench in a clearing in a beautiful forest.  Take yourself to this idyllic location and just relax as you walk along the beach or sit on your lovely bench.   So if you find yourself in an extremely stressful situation at work, just trot off to the WC and take your mind to that paradise and feel your mood change and your levels of positivity rising again.   Remember you cannot control your thoughts but you can change your mood.  Each day you have thousands of thoughts and it would be quite impractical to control every single thought so it is better to focus on changing your mood to a cheerful or happy one and then all of your thoughts will follow and become automatically positive.  It is impossible to think negative thoughts when you are feeling cheerful or happy.  Just take yourself to that blissful location and that big smile will spread across your face.  

 We all have little low moments and often we wake up and for whatever reason we feel glum.  Check that emotion and recognise you are feeling glum or down.  Become detached from yourself like an outside observer and say to yourself “Ah yes, I see that I have the blues today.  I acknowledge this without judgement.”   I then consciously switch my mood to positive.   I am going to actually trick the brain into moving into a positive mindset by forcing a big grin on to my face and then laughing out loud and saying to myself loudly “How ridiculous to be glum and down.  I have been given the privilege of another day on this wonderful beautiful planet and I am going to make the very best of this day because it could be my last and how I would be cursing myself if I wasted this opportunity.  I am going to live today to the fullest extent and try to bring happiness to others and help others and not focus on my own dramas and misfortunes.  I am going to walk with a spring in my step and go forward and make a difference to others I come across or in my life.  I will reach out and praise someone.” Reach out and thank someone.  Reach out and make someone smile. Today is a good day.  There, within minutes, the mood has changed.  The mood has switched from a black one to a cheerful one.  Keep that momentum going and remember that it is later than you think.  In other words, you may have less time to do all these wonderful things than you think.  Stay positive.  Stay happy. Think of your blessings.  Think of your luck at having another day on this planet.  Stay focused on the good things in life. Remember that any challenges are tests on this laboratory called Mother Earth.  How we react to those challenges defines us.   When your mind is in a positive mindset, anything is possible.  Doors open wide.  Opportunities unfold before us.  The world is our oyster.  Stay focused on pure potentiality and anything is possible.  If you can think it, you can have it.  The power of intention makes the impossible possible.  We are pure positivity.  Pure potential.  Pure love and pure kindness.  Give out and it will come flooding back multi-fold.  Help someone and the help will be surrounding you.  This is the power of the Law of Attraction.  What you give your attention to, you get more of.  So keep your thoughts positive and the benefits that flood into your life will be innumerable.  Rejoice, for you have discovered the secret to life and happiness and success.   Stay focused on the positive and your lives will change. 

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