Guided Meditation Stress

Guided Meditation Stress:

Stress is such a terrible thing.  It affects our health in so many negative ways causing very serious consequences.  Research at Harvard University has proved that mindfulness meditation helps ease anxiety stress.

This beautiful guided meditation is designed to remove the stress from your life and is deeply relaxing.  It starts with gentle breathing and then leads into a beautiful visualisation which will hopefully leave you calm, relaxed, serene and stress-free.

Guided Meditation Stress:
The Script and the Music

I set out below the full script of the video.  Please feel free to use this for your meditation groups.  The music is composed by Dominic Beeton and is taken from the album The Dream Zone. There is a link on the meditation music album to Amazon if you want to download this track.

Guided Meditation to relieve stress

 We are going to begin our meditation by getting into a comfortable position with our hands on our laps face down. We are going to scan our body from head to toe to find any tension. When we find it, we are going to tense it for a second and then release that tension until we can no longer feel any tension in our bodies.  We are going to take some deep breaths, breathing from deep in our abdomen and inhaling till we feel our lungs rising and then we have inhaled as far as we can go, we are going to hold the breath for a second and then slowly ever so slowly let that breath escape from our mouths, gradually and slowly allowing all of the breath to release.  As we inhale again we are going to imagine, a white energy coming into our bodies through the crown of our head through what is known as our crown chakra.  This white energy is bright and luminescent and as we inhale it fills every cell in our body so that our bodies shine with luminescence.  As we exhale, we are releasing tension, we are releasing any type of negative emotion or feeling. We release stress and worry.  All of our fears, nagging concerns are being released with each out breath.   So that on the inwards breath in comes that beautiful white source energy  The energy that comes from the creator and on the outward breath we are releasing tension and stress.  Release.  And Release. 

Now we are going to imagine that we are sitting on the bank of a slow moving river. The day is warm and we are noticing the mayflys dancing on the surface of the water, the river gentle meanders and the aquatic weeds gently undulate in the eddying water currents.   We are mesmerised by this scene of tranquillity.  As we relax into the flow of the water, we feel our worries and stresses being swept away down the river flow.  We remove our socks and shoes and dip our toes in the slow flowing water and the water feels warm and inviting.  We can feel the gentle currents massaging our feet and gently soothing us.  We can feel the warmth of the sun beating down on our heads and we are calm and peaceful in this idlyllic scene of rural tranquillity.  We can feel all of the nagging worries that had been troubling us, ebbing away with the water flow. All those money worries, relationship worries whatever is causing us stress. It might be worries at work or at home or with our children or our parents.  For the time being, we are going to suspend those worries as we just enjoy swishing our feet through the warm water and watching the river flowing and the mayflys dancing in their swarms.  we become fascinated by their endless dance on the water’s surface.  Animals do not get stressed unless they are in the prsecence of humans who are constantly stressed.  So we are going to learn from these creatures of nature to let go of stress as it does not serve us.  It has no place in our lives. We begin to gain an understanding that stress is not something caused by circumstances but is created from within us and we have the free will to release it so that we no longer experience it.  The power and choice comes from within. So when we feel that knot tightening in our stomach, that nauseous feeling, that tightening of our chest, that tensing of our muscles, we can now take ourselves to our gentle flowing river and let the stress just ebb away.  We recall the nursery rhyme “Row, Row, Row the boat gently down the stream, Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream”  Life is but a dream. It may feel very important and significant but life is just a dream, a wonderful technicoloured high definition dream.  A lucid dream.  The stress is a fiction designed to trap us in our worries instead of just enjoying life and the carefree pleasures of sitting on a river bank just living in the moment.  We are liberated by this thinking and we realise that the river bank can be called up at a moment’s notice.  Just think of a trigger like putting your thumb and your index finger of your right hand together and pressing.  When we do this we can bring back this river bank and the lazy flowing river and the aimlessly daning mayflys and the gentle waving reeds and the eddying currents and the ducks swimming happily across the smooth surface just basking in the warmth of the sun.  We are complete. We are restful. We are calm. We are tranquil.  We are serene.  We are beyond the reach of any fears or worries. The fears and worries that kept us awake at night no longer seem very important at all.  We know that in a month’s time, these worries will seem out of place and irrelevant. We know that they do not really matter in the overall scheme of things. We know that our stress is a temporary pause from the natural flow of the universe. We know and trust that we are exactly where we should be in the scheme of things. We are glad being us and grateful for all of the good things in our life. We mentally run through all of the things we are grateful for one by one focusing on each thing.  The list goes on and on.  We feel the stress turning into just a faint memory and we stare at the river flowing and weaving its way.  We are calm we are contented. 

 And now we bring ourselves back into our bodies and we are conscious once again of our breath.  We inhale and bring in that white source energy and we exhale and we release those final vestiges of worries and release that last bit of stress.  We are relaxed, calm and at peace.   

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