Japa Meditation introductory wording

I say these words before I commence my Japa Meditation.  The idea is to gain assistance from my spirit guides for my meditation and to fix my intent clearly.  Now, my 3 intents are to bring into my life more creativity (I am a composer, musician, artist and writer so creativity is key to these activities).  I intend to bring perfect health into my life and who would not want this intent.  Finally, and perhaps a bit selfishly, I intend to bring abundance into my life.  Of course, you can adapt the intents to focus on your immediate desires and wishes.  It may be to bring about world peace, the recovery of a sick relative or friend or indeed whatever you intend at the present moment.  My prayer of intent ends with a wish to place myself into a state of allowing as mentioned by Abraham channeled through Esther Hicks which you may be familiar with in relation to the Law of Attraction.

So having said this prayer of intent, I then take a deep breath holding my middle finger and thumb in a delicate mudra and on the out breath say "Ahh" in a deep resonant voice until I no longer have any breath to say it.  I then take another breath and again on the exhalation repeat the sound "Ahh".   i was introduced to Japa Meditation by Wayne Dyer in his CD and audio download shown below

Meditations for Manifesting-Wayne Dyer Audio

"I now ask for my spirit guides to assist me in my Japa Meditation.  It is my intention that I place myself in direct alignment with source energy so that source energy flows freely through me without impedance or resistance. I know that source energy represents abundance, creativity and perfect health and I bring those 3 things into my life. With each inhalation of breath, I become more perfectly aligned with source energy and with each exhalation of breath, I release any resistance to healing , creativity or abundance  Ahh is the sound of creation and I create abundance by which I mean large amounts of material wealth. I create inspiration for my creative endeavours and I create perfect health.  I place myself into a state of allowing as instructed by Abraham"

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