Meditation Healing Pets

Meditation healing Pets:

We are delighted at to have a guest blog article from Canadian angel practitioner, Shelley Lynn. Shelley's web site is a beautiful resource and I urge you to spend time looking at it. Shelley is a Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Archangel Life Coach, Certified Soul Coach and Certified Past Life Coach so she knows her angels.  

She has channeled the most beautiful meditation with Archangel Ariel to help us deal with the loss of our beloved pet.  It features Archangel Ariel but then later Archangel Michael and Archangel Azrael. 

Meditation healing Pets:
The meditation

Archangel Ariel is the protector of nature. Within this realm is also the animal kingdom. That is why it is always good to invoke this archangel when there are issues surrounding your pet. Archangel Ariel works closely with Archangel Raphael, to help heal injured animals, both wild and domestic. 

But as we all know, part of life is transitioning back into spirit form. Our pets are no different, and as the time draws near for this journey to take place, it can be a roller coaster of emotions for us. This is when we need to call on the archangels for help. In particular, Archangel Ariel is wonderful in these situations. 

Healing Transition Meditation 

by Archangel Ariel and Shelley Lynn

Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Try to remain calm even as the world as you know it is changing around you. Be at peace with this change and know that all have a higher purpose. 

Continue to breathe slowly as you see a cloak of white, healing light come and surround you and your pet. Feel this loving energy wrapping you in its embrace. Know that you and your pet are safe as you prepare for this transition.

Allow you hand to stroke softly over your pet, connecting your energy for your final goodbye.

Do not despair, for your beloved pet is going to a wonderful, new home where anything that has troubled him, here on earth, is washed away and healed. Just sit with your pet, feeling the love flowing between you. Shower him with all your love, from the deepest part of your heart. Continue to inhale slowly and deeply, for this helps to keep you calm.

Archangel Ariel now steps forward and you see a brilliant orange light fill your aura. It is comforting you, soothing your raw emotions. It helps to balance you emotionally, and find a firm foundation.

Feel this orange light wash over your beloved pet as well. Feel his energy shift to one of calm acceptance. 

As Archangel Ariel moves to stand next to both of you, a movie plays in your minds eye. This film is one of all the happy times you spent with your pet — those times when you played together, hung out together, and just lazed around together. Feel the joy from your life together fill you. Remember the good times and let the sad times go. Feel Archangel Ariel’s presence as she wraps her wings around you both, offering you support, as you enjoy this time together. Just stay in this space for as long as you want. There is no rush. 

When you are ready, Archangel Ariel steps back and allows Archangel Michael to enter. He sends his loving energy to you as well. He waits for you to nod. As you watch, he uses his sword to cut the cords between you and your pet in one smooth, downward motion. The connection of love is broken, allowing your energies to separate. You feel a distance from your beloved pet, yet know that it is in your pet’s best interest. 

At this time, Archangel Azrael comes forward and gently picks up your pet. He wraps his soft yellow wings around his precious bundle and promises you that he will take good care of your pet. 

As you sit there with Archangel Ariel’s energy surrounding you, Archangel Azrael and your pet fade from your sight. Once they are gone, you sit with a heavy heart. Archangel Ariel continues to send you love, and encourages you to sit quietly and listen with your inner ear. 

And when you do, you hear it. That joyous sound of your beloved pet, happy and healthy. As you take this in, also take in the love from Archangel Ariel. Know that she is here with you, supporting you at this time. You have a band of angels around you, sending you love and light.

As you feel the support of all the angels, focus once again on your breathing. Focus on the slow inhales and even slower exhales. With each exhale, release your sadness, for your beloved pet is now in perfect health.

When you are ready, open your eyes. Know that you and your beloved pet are in the healing presence of the angels. Know that everything will work out for the highest good of all.

Shelley Lynn and Archangel Ariel 

Shelley Lynn

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