Meditation Retreats Sweden

Meditation Retreats Sweden:
Divinya: Centre for Evolutionary Consciousness

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The Divinya Centre for Evolutionary Enlightenment is situated in Farstorp near Eslov in Sweden.  Divinya offers an 8 day retreat with the living master, poet and mystic, Guruji Sri Vast where one can meet one's self and free yourself from past holdings and patterns. As their website states:

"Through Guruji’s grounded spirituality, graceful presence and joyful approach towards life, Guruji brings new light upon the path of total liberation.

A retreat can become an eye-opener to discover our purpose in this life and to realize our highest human potential. Guruji’s Teachings bring peace, love and bliss into everyday life. The Master’s presence supports in healing and in exploring a newness in life."

(Courtesy Divinya)

The retreat includes a daily satsang with Guruji Sri Vast exploring the deepest meaning of life. Each day involves chanting, singing, yoga and transformative sadhanas.  Accomodation is in your own tent, safari tent, deluxe tent or room with prices ranging from 600 euros to 1,900 euros. 

They also offer a Pilgrimage of the Soul Retreat where participants can learn how to incorporate spirituality into their daily lives.

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