Meditation Retreats China

Meditation Retreats China:

The Maolin Shaolin Kung Fu Academy is situated in the Maling Mountain National Park area.  It is a suburb of Xinyi City and is situated in the northwest of Jiangsu Province.  The city has very convenient transportation in the north of Jiangsu. 

The academy offers a range of retreats ranging from a 7 and 14 day retreats to 6 months shaolin and wudang kung Fu training.  The 7 day retreat features 2 to 3 daily tai chi classes, six nights accommodation and 3 meals a day.  English is spoken.

Accommodation for students is in room shared with a person of the same gender. Couples can share a room and there are discounts for booking more than one person at a time.

The teachers are shaolin kung Fu monks who have trained their entire lives at the Shaolin temple to perfect the art.  They are Tai Chi masters who specialise in the beautiful, elegant, yet powerful movements of Tai Chi.  The masters teach both Yang style as well as Chen style Tai Chi.  You can learn fist forms, staff, broadsword, straight sword and fan.

Local tours are offered during the week as well as massages. There is even free internet in the room and there is an on-site translator. 

The price is a very reasonable £389 (UK sterling) for the 7 day retreat. A deposit of 30% is required on booking. 

Yejo Circle also offer a 9 day Daoism Taiji Retreat for the more dedicated student.  Taiji is called Tai Chi in the West but it is Chinese philosophy as well.

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