Meditation Retreats Thailand

Meditation Retreats Thailand:
Dharana Meditation Centre, Phuket

There are many meditation retreats in Thailand and they are mostly what might be described as "challenging" and definitely not for the beginner.  The Dharana Meditation Centre is not one of these. This is absolute luxury because as the Centre says why not learn about meditation in comfort.  Of course, Phuket is one of the most beautiful of the southern islands of Thailand and on most people's bucket list to visit.  The retreats are 4 night retreats from Monday to Friday with accommodation in either the standard room or luxury room.  There is a pool and sauna and the retreat includes excursions to some of the beautiful locations on Phuket Island. The day starts at 6am and the food is apparently delicious and well balanced.   The retreats mainly focus on spiritual development and finding your purpose in life. Founded in 2009 and run by Tobi Warzinek and Parn Sakda with Tobi providing the teaching and Parn the administration. Tobi trained in the ways of Tibetan Buddhism Monastic centre for 7 years in Switzerland. He moved to Phuket in February 2009 and studied in the Forest Tradition under the Venerable Ajahn Mun, the Venerable Ajahn Maha Boowa and the Venerable Ajahn Chah.  Dharana means "single focus" or "concentration" which is apt for a meditation retreat.  The retreat offers yoga and Qui Gong classes as well as classic Buddhist meditation and the organisers promise that the retreat will be life changing.  The reviews are ecstatic on Trip Advisor.  The pool looks stunning and the luxury accomodation is a sight to beheld.  Some of the reviews on Trip Advisor are from people who are on their 3rd visits so this is very promising.  All in all this looks like a really wonderful way to spend time on Phuket and you may well find that you come away knowing your true life purpose. The luxury rooms are priced at 22,500 Thai baht ($667)(£424) for the full retreat and the standard rooms at 21,600 Thai baht ($640)(£407) for the 4 day retreat.  The programme alone is 14,400 Thai baht ($426)(£271) for the retreat.  Have a look at the daily programme to get an idea of the format which seems very relaxed and gentle indeed.

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