Meet Your Spirit Guides: Guided Meditation

Meet your Spirit Guides:

In this guided meditation, we meet our spirit guides for the first time.

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Spirit guides are always there to help us and guide us on our journeys in life and our lives can be deeply enriched by meeting and connecting with them.  Their guidance is profound and invaluable and we are wise to ask for their assistance.  They do not tell you how to run your lives but provide gentle encouragement and support to keep us on the path of our true destiny.  This guided meditation starts with breathing exercise, then ensures we are grounded and have full protection and then leads us on a beautiful visualisation involving an idyllic wood with the 2 spirit guides coming down from the mountain.

Meet your spirit guides:
The script and the music

We set out below the full script of the above video.  Please feel free to use this script for your own meditation groups. 

The music is by Dominic Beeton and is taken from the album The Dream Zone. Similar music can be found on The Chakra Suite also by Dominic Beeton.  Links to these albums to enable you to preview and download the music can be found on the meditation music page here.

Meeting with your spirit guides-Guided meditation

In this meditation we are going to meet with our spirit guides. Let us sit comfortably with our feet firmly on the ground and breathe deeply in and out. With each breath in we are bringing source energy in through our crown chakra with each breath out we are releasing any negative emotion, any worries, any fears are being released on the outward breath. Our feet are firmly connected to the ground and we can imagine roots going down into the soil. Deep down into the earth through every crack and fissure, deep into the rock deep into the core of the earth and we feel firmly grounded to Mother Earth.

 And now we are going to protect ourselves because when we travel in the spirit world we need to be protected, to make sure we are only communicating at the highest and purest level, to make sure that we are not letting in unwanted malevolent or mischievous sprits and so I would like you to imagine wrapping yourself in a cloak, a cloak of protection. This cloak protects you from all malevolent or mischievous spirits.  Imagine it is Teflon coated so that it provides robust protection at all times.  This cloak is around you at all times when you are communicating at spirit level.

 Now imagine if you will that you are sitting on a wooden bench in a clearing surrounded by woods and trees, surrounded by flowers and animals. The sun beats down on your face and you feel entirely safe and protected.  You are sitting there on your wooden bench with your hands on your lap and just looking up to the warmth of the sun. 

 You look around and notice that in the distance there is a mountain.  You look more closely at the mountain and you discover a small winding path coming down from the mountain and you see coming slowly down from the mountain two light sources, two gleaming white lights.  They gradually wind their way down the path and come towards the woods that you are sitting in.  You notice that there is a fence and a gate.  The two light sources stop outside the gate.  It becomes clear to you that they are waiting for your permission to enter, to enter the forest. You nod your permission and the 2 light sources come towards you.    You are filled with a feeling of well-being of peace and calm.  You realise you are in the presence of a higher spirit.  A spirit being.  A guide.   You beckon to the first light source energy and that source energy moves toward you.  You ask the light source, the spirit guide “What is your name?” you will receive an understanding of a name.  Notice any emotion or feeling or sensation that you experience as you make contact with this spirit guide.  It might be a tingling somewhere on your body, it might be an aroma; a symbol might appear in your mind.  Remember this, for this will be the sign of this particular spirit guide.  Now ask the spirit guide what is its purpose. Is it to teach you, is to guide you, is it a musical guide or an artistic guide.  Often guides have specific purposes and are there to help us at particular times in our lives.  It also appropriate to ask the guide can I trust you.  Your guide will expect to be tested in this way.

 Now you can ask your guide any question that is burning upon your mind and you will receive an understanding of an answer from that guide.  Have you reached a particular turning point in your life and require guidance as to which path to take?   Have you reached a point in your career and you don’t know which way to turn. Are you in a rut and require some guidance as to how to get out of the rut?  Do you have some dilemma which is troubling you and which requires a solution?  All of these questions can be asked of your spirit guide. Once you have received this information, thank your spirit guide for that guidance and you will note that this spirit guide moves back allowing the second spirit guide to move forward.  Once again ask your spirit guide for its name. Once again you will receive a name, or a symbol or an image or an aroma or a sensation.  Recognise this so that you call upon this spirit guide again. Once again do you have a question for this sprit guide or you can simply say to the spirit guide what guidance do you have me today?  And you will receive guidance which will help you on the next stage of your path in life.  What is it that I need to know today?  Having received information, thank your spirit guide and you will see it moves back.  And now you will see that two light sources are retiring and they go back through the gate and back up the mountain path, slowly disappearing into the distance until they vanish and once again you are sitting on your bench and feeling the warmth of that sunlight, the comfort, the sense of well-being, the peace, the serenity and now you are bringing yourself back into your body so that you are fully aware of all your senses.   You feel relaxed you feel calm and you are going to take this feeling of well-being with you throughout the rest of the day.  

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